We all want to dress to impress but it’s easier said than done. When looking for new clothes to dress, one can most certainly get caught up into the latest fashion trends, pretty hues, cool prints, striking patterns and sexy cuts. But if you get a clothing item just because it’s in vogue or a celebrity was wearing it, or the color is in fashion or the print is so cool then, you’re committing a fashion faux pas.

The first and foremost thing to be considered when purchasing clothes is your own body type. Wearing clothes that complement your body shape will automatically look flattering on you, making you look amazing and feel confident. If you have heavier arms than wearing sleeveless is not going to look very cool, try black long sleeve dress that will give you a slimmer and leaner look.

The options of dresses are endless, you can find a myriad of options in dresses that suit your body shape, so no need to blatantly choose trendy outfits just for the sake of it. The first step towards buying clothes that look best on you is by identifying your body type.

Once you know which areas of your body are the highlight and which ones you need to be a little careful about, you’re on your way to build up a wardrobe that has every piece that looks amazing, most flattering and sexy on you. I am a strong believer of the fact that every body type is beautiful and has its own set of advantages and disadvantages so never think of yourself any less.

Different Body Types and How to Dress for Each Type?

If you want to dress according to your body type then you must first identify your body type. In this article I have broken down the main 5 body types and highlighted the ways to dress according to the body type, so let’s check it out.

1. Rectangle or Straight or Banana shape

In order to identify if you have a straight or rectangular figure you need to measure yourself. If your waist and bust measurement and your shoulder and hip measurements are fairly equal and you’re not curvy then you fall into this category. Almost 46% of the women in the world including our darling Anne Hathaway are rectangular shaped.

Women with this body type don’t have any significant curves when standing up straight, but the question is how to dress for this type? Well, your main motive should be to accentuate the waist and break the straight, flattened look. The best way to do so is by wearing belted dresses or shirts and jeans that give your waist a snitched look.  But if you’re not in a mood to wear an outfit that highlights your waist then opt for off-shoulder or tube dresses.

2. Apple Shape

Apple shape is not a very common shape among women as only 14% of the women own this body type. This shape generally means that your shoulders and upper body is heavier and broader than your lower body or hip area. Furthermore the waist area is also not very well-defined which means you have a well-proportioned figure, where nothing is too in-you-face.

This shape is also referred to as an oval or round shape. In order to dress for this type of shape you need to understand where you need to put the focus on. I would highly recommend wearing bottoms that look super flattering as this is your best part of the body where you want all the attention. As for the upper body, don’t go for clingy fabric and cuts, instead go for flowy outfits, A-line silhouettes and asymmetrical tops and wrap dresses.

3. Hourglass Shape

Probably the most well-renowned and desired body type of all is the hourglass shape that is very rare to find as only 8% of the women have it. If you have this body shape then your hips and bust should be almost equal but the waistline should be well-defined.

This body type is all about embracing your curves and we are here for it. Absolutely avoid any outfits that are baggy or make your upper body more prominent, the focus should be on the waist. Wear high waisted pants with crop tops, pencil skirts tucked in button-down shirts or wear a dress that is fitted from the waist.

4. Pear Shape

This shape is the opposite of the apple shape which means your bust is slimmer than your hips. Around 20% of the women have this shape which makes it a common shape we need to talk about.

Queen Beyoncé has this shape and we all love it! If you’re lucky to have this shape, then you must wear statement tops with beautiful necklines that make your upper body shine brighter and better. For the bottom, always opt for something fitted rather than loose to make it appear slimmer and smarter.

Ending Lines

Dressing according to your body type is very essential if you want to look amazing, confident and sexy. Identify your body shape and dress with that in mind to look your best at all times.