A perfect pair of jeans is an absolute necessity of every woman's wardrobe as it is the go-to attire whenever you can’t pick something, it can be dressed up and down according to where you’re headed and it is ever so comfortable, flattering and chic.

Nowadays, we can find jeans in a myriad of options, washes, colors and designs but there is one pair of jeans that is becoming the new favorite of everyone and that’s the high waist women’s jeans. The high waist jeans first became popular in the era of 80s but at that time it wasn’t that comfortable but the version that we see now is ever so comfortable, chic and accentuates the body from all the right places.

If you're on a hunt for a pair of jeans then I would recommend going for the high-waisted jeans in any cut of your preference, any wash, distressed or not is all up to you. These jeans are having a moment in the fashion industry right now and trust me jumping on this bandwagon will be the best decision of your life.

Womens clothing are subjected to their body types but high-waisted jeans are those special types of jeans that look amazing on every body type be it the hourglass, apple, pear or rectangle shape. Here are 5 good reasons why you need to own a pair of high-waisted jeans today and feel amazing every time you wear it.

5 Reason Why Every Woman Needs to Own a Pair of High-Waisted Jeans

1. They’re Comfortable

What do you need the most in a clothing time you plan to wear all day? Well, for me it's the comfort and high-waisted jeans provides you ample amount of comfort. During the course of the day, we tend to walk, run, eat, sit and do numerous other things. High-waisted jeans will allow you to do all that while keeping you stylish and comfortable.

No need to worry after a heavy meal, high-waist jeans will give your stomach the room to expand without anyone knowing. Choose one from a good quality and affordable brand like MissLola and see how you wouldn’t want to wear any other pair after that.

2. Compliments Any Top of Your Choice

When we talk about an everyday pair of jeans, we want it to look good with any top, tee, blouse or shirt we pair it with. Well, the high-waisted jeans tick that box as well, you can wear it with any style of top and it will look just as flattering, just as chic and just as cool as it was looking with any other thing.

Crop tops are another fashion rage right now and let me tell you, the high waist jeans complements the crop tops just perfectly. No need to worry about your little bulge popping out in a crop top, the high-rise jeans will neatly tuck it and you can go about your day with confidence and panache.

3. Creates an Illusion of a Thinner, Slimmer Body

Don’t we all want to appear slim, smart and lean all the time? Well, it is now very much possible with this style of jeans. As these jeans sit above your waistline, it gives your body an elongated appearance and a slimmer look.

The curvaceous parts of the body like hip area, tummy flab or thighs are all fitted in the jeans and closed in the most flattering way. The high-rise jeans can be worn in a flared cut if you have thinner legs and heavier upper body or you can choose a straight or leaner cut if you have a heavier lower body. No matter which style of jeans you choose to wear in the high-waist jeans they will make you look leaner and more snitched.

4. Easy to Transition from Day to Night Wear

We all have a very busy lifestyle but being socially active is also what we all strive for. In order to make your day time work look transition seamlessly into your night-out look you need women’s clothing that work both ways. Well, I would advocate the high-waist jeans even more so as this pair of jeans does this job quite impeccably.

Switch your day time t-shirt or button-down shirt with a silk blouse or a ruffled top or an embellished top, ditch your sneakers or loafers for a sexy stiletto and see how you transform from a workaholic to a social butterfly in flying colors.

5. These are Stretchy

Another amazing reason to get a pair of high rise jeans is that they are stretchy and elastic. For women who have a pear or hourglass shaped body would understand the need of a stretchy material as this would be the difference in the comfort. Good quality demon is stretchy which means you will be happy!


High-waist jeans have been around for several decades and they keep coming back as people just can’t get enough of them due the reasons mentioned above. If you resonate with any of the reasons above then it's your time to shine by wearing high waisted jeans!