A new baby is like a precious miracle from God itself, it deserves to be cared for, loved, cherished, nurtured and celebrated. Throughout the first year, a baby achieves multiple milestones that are memorable moments you can always look back, smile upon and feel your heart filled with joy each time.

In order to make sure you are able to enjoy and cherish these moments over and over again, parents need to capture these little moments of joy and also need to celebrate them with their loved ones. Celebrations and sharing of happy moments with grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins can not only bring the whole family together but also create beautiful epic memories.

On occasions like these, everyone wants to give thoughtful, unique gifts that are not only useful but also great to look at. Gift basket NZ put together several beautiful, affordable, uniquely curated and assorted goodies from top sellers to give the little one the special treatment it deserves.

These packages come with elaborate options as well as with a few thoughtful items but all in all they are a perfect gift to be presented by family and friends. In this article, I will be giving you some amazing options to consider when it comes to an ideal gift box for a baby’s first milestone. Now these milestones can be the first smile, the first walk, the first sit up, first time eating finger food, anything you want to celebrate!

The Ideal Gift Box for Your Baby's First Milestones

An ideal gift box for a baby is something that is cute, adorable but at the same time it is useful, organic, thoughtful and kind of like a keepsake. There are so many ways you can make a gift hamper NZ personalized and unique to the baby by choosing colors according to the gender, the time of the year, by writing the name of the baby on every gift or any other way you can think of. When it comes to baby’s milestone achievement gifts you here are some amazing options from Willow & Wolfe to consider.

1.Baby Buddies-

Baby Buddies gift hamper NZ is an ideal gift for a baby that has just started to sit up and is able to grab things on its own. This hamper is a small, thoughtful and super sweet hamper that has things that don’t only look and feel cute but also provide a useful sensory experience to the child.

This hamper can also be given when the baby is on the teething process which is another milestone that needs to be celebrated. This gift hamper NZ contains silicone wood teethers, a super cute and fluffy bunny for cuddling and sensory activity, an organic rubber duck for bath time playing, a book and a rattle. 

2.One Stylin’ Baby-

Baby and new clothes go hand in hand, we love to dress up the baby in cute and comfy clothes right. Giving clothes as a gift can never go wrong, it is always on point, always useful and can always be remembered through pictures. The One Stylinn’ Baby gift box NZ is a perfect gift for celebrating milestones like first walk, or first time standing on their own.

I say this because in these stages of life, the baby can actually flaunt the stylish clothes that parents and loved ones have been making them wear. The gift box comes with a onesie, a matching cap, blanket, bib, mittens and separate booties to keep the child warm or to stand easily. Moreover, the gift box NZ has a teether and all this comes in a lidded custom made box with a logo embossed in gold! 

3.Bath Time Baby-

Somewhere around 8-10 months there comes a time when the baby starts to really enjoy its bath time. The water, the toys, the bubbles, the massage all becomes an amusing thing which the baby really enjoys and looks forward to. Keeping this in mind, you can give this gift box NZ on any of the milestone celebrations like for the first time sitting up, smiling, crawling, standing, teething or even for the first walk.

This hamper contains some really thoughtful things that can bring a smile on the face of both mom and the child while using. It comes with an organic muslin face cloth that is super soft and gentle on the baby’s skin. It also has a hooded baby towel to give the child proper coverage and cuteness after bathing. It also contains the shower essentials like a rubber duck, a foaming hair and body wash and bubble bath. 

Take Away

Celebrating the little things in life makes you more appreciative of what you have. Giving gifts to your loved ones increases love and respect so make sure you take full advantage of every milestone covered by the child and celebrate it fully with appropriate gifts.